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1. Code of Conduct 1

Dartfordians RFC

Code of Conduct for Match Officials

1)Understand that the highest priority when officiating young players should be placed upon safety, equity and law.

2)Emphasise the spirit of the game

3)Provide positive feedback in a constructive manner during the game and be a positive role model

4)Appreciate the needs of young players before the need of the sport

5)Be understanding of the physical, social and psychological development of young players

6)Recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when officiating young players

7)Always explain your decisions in a way that young players will learn from.

8)Always penalise foul play

9)Play advantage as much as possible and let the game flow

10)Show empathy for the age and ability of young players.

11)Be consistent and objective at all times

12)Ensure that verbal abuse from players, coaches or spectators is not tolerated and dealt with by club officials immediately.

13)Look to improve your own game by participation in further development courses.

14)Be aware of and adhere to the RFU Child Protection Guidance policies and procedures.

Updated January 2010