Sat 28
Tunbridge Wells
Dartfordians Demons
The Lemons had more juice....

The Lemons had more juice....

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'more about us, less about them'

What a great performance for the Lemons winning 22-15 at Tunbridge Wells.

We started off well getting up in their faces but unfortunately not stopping them from scoring there try, but no conversion from the flash number 10.

As they put another one past use we were getting sick of the celebrations so with some
big carries from the forwards gaining ground, the backs getting quick ball with even quicker hands and big runs getting us our first try just before half time.

As the second half starts everyone making tackles left right and centre but unluckily one quick quick turn around they put one more on us.

But the lemons heads didn’t drop continuing the big tackles, carries and runs allowing us to score right in the corner.

As Tunbridge tire out the lemons capitalised on this opportunity and let us scored just next to the posts for the final try of the game.

Pat on the back for Harry Clayton for stepping up as prop.

Try Scorers -
Joe Johnson
Lord Wibley
Connor Kenny Everett

Conversions by Cappa

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Sat 28, Sep 2019